handling the media

Utilising our considerable experience, Tick The Publicity Box can promote your service and maximise exposure through public relations initiatives or robustly defend your reputation through crisis media management.

We help to maintain your ‘share of voice’ in the marketplace and capitalise on opportunities to promote your work in newspaper column inches and broadcast airtime.

media training

You hold the company’s image in your hands when you speak to the media, so it is worth investing in developing
the skills needed for you to look confident, relaxed and knowledgeable about your subject.

From developing core messages to anticipating questions and tips on how to put forward your message, we’ve
been delivering media training seminars for more than 15 years to key business leaders, senior police officers and
senior politicians.

media management

Not everything in business runs smoothly and you may find yourself subject to unwanted publicity. Consider all the worst case scenarios from a fire to a serious accident, a fraud uncovered or a disgruntled employee spilling your secrets to the newspapers.

Tick The Publicity Box understands the modern media inside out and can help you put together a media management strategy so you can defend your organisation’s reputation.