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Biba Finalist 2009

Tick The Publicity Box brings media, marketing & public relations to the Third Sector, a market underserved by the creative services. Social enterprises, charities and community groups can now work with a highly-experienced consultancy, which understands that marketing only works if it delivers results. We fuse together public and private sector expertise to benefit the community as a whole.

core objectives

From head-turning radio commercials to eye-catching marketing initiatives for your brand, Tick The Publicity Box helps to get you noticed in a crowded marketplace. The world is a stage, so let’s perform AIDA. In marketing speak, that’s grabbing Attention to your product or service, followed by Interest in finding out more, which creates a Desire followed by Action, which leads customers to purchase.


Creative campaigns are designed bespoke to you. We forge together a deep understanding of your market and potential clients, with a rich heritage in developing similar creative briefs for well known brands. Whatever your need, from a simple booklet to the complete rebranding of your company, let Tick The Publicity Box provide the creative solution.